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Awards and Grants

“Influence of the year 2022”, Bar Ilan University, award granted for the development of breakthrough reading intervention programs for elementary school students | 2023

Ministry of Education with Dr. Shany Levi-Shimon: The influence of an EF-based language intervention on literacy, language and cognitive achievements of 3rd grade struggling readers from low SES background and teachers’ knowledge, self-eficacy, and motivation. (250,000 NIS) | 2022

Ministry of Education with Prof. Elinor Saiegh-Haddad: Examining the gaps among elementary school Arab students during the Covid-19 pandemic (250,000 NIS) | 2021

Israel Innovation Authority, Integrating artificial intelligence in motoric cognitive diagnosis: A development of a learning system (870,000 NIS) | 2020

Ministry of Education with Dr. Shani Levy Shimon, A Psychpedagogical intervention for Hebrew speaking children with reading disabilities (200,000 NIS) | 2018-2019

Ministry of Education with Prof. Elinor Saiegh-Haddad, three-year research grant: An intervention study for promoting literacy among Arabic-speaking kindergarten children in Israel (1,000,000 NIS) | 2017-2018

Ministry of Education with Prof. Elinor Saiegh-Haddad, two year research grant: The effect of Diglossia on the development of phonological and morphological awareness and reading ability in vowelized and unvowelized Arab orthography: A comparison between high and low socio-economic statuses. (200,000 NIS) | 2012-2015

ISF (Israel Science Foundation) with Prof. Eli Vakil, three year research grant: Specific Procedural Learning Difficulties among individuals with Developmental Dyslexia: The effects of modality and nature of stimuli  (450,000 NIS) | 2012-2016

Ministry of Education with Prof. Dorit Ravid, one year research grant: Spelling acquisition of root letters among elementary school children with developmental dyslexia compared with their normally reading peers.  (80,000 NIS) | 2010-2012

ISF (Israel Science Foundation) with Prof. Dorit Ravid, two year research grant: Acquisition and processing of adjective agreement in Hebrew: A psycholinguistic study of dyslexic and typically developing populations  (345,000 NIS) | 2008-2011

ISF (Israel Science Foundation) with Dr. Michal Raveh, two year research grant: A comparative study of the relationship between morphological priming and morphological awareness for normal and poor readers.  (128,000 NIS/year) | 2004-2005

National Insurance Institute of Israel (HaMosad Lebituach Leumi) with Dr. Y. Weiss & Dr. H. Lifschitz, a research grant: A comparative study of two reading programs for Haredi dyslexic students. (150,00 NIS) | 2004-2005

Ministry of Education grant for a national first grade reading program with Dr. Neta Revhon (100,00 NIS) | 2003

Ford Foundation grant (150,000 NIS) | 1994

Outstanding Director Award from the Ministry of Education for directorship of the Haddad Center and its contribution to Israeli Education | 1999

Bar Ilan University Rector Award for Academic Excellence in Ph.D. studies

Bar Ilan University Education Department Award for Academic Excellence

| 1996

Bar Ilan University Lunenfeld Award for Academic Excellence and Service in the field of Special Education | 1995

Bar Ilan University scholarship for Ph.D. studies Israel Association of Research Grants Grant for Ph.D. candidates | 1994

Haddad Center Scholarship in recognition for research and service in Special Education | 1992

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